Theory of Machines

Original Titles
English Titles

93An inquiry into balances
96On the most profitable application of simple as well as composite machines
179Research concerning the effects of a hydraulic machine proposed by M. Segner, professor at Gottingen
194On machines in general
202On the application of the hydraulic machine of Mr. Segner to all sorts of situations and its advantages over the other hydraulic machines which one typically uses
203Research on a new method to raise water proposed by M. Mour
206On the motion of water in conduits
207In depth explanation concerning different methods in which to raise water through pumps with the greatest effectiveness
208Maxims for the most advantageous arrangement of machines that raise water by use of pumps.
222A more complete theory of machines which are activated by their reaction to water
229On the construction of the best gears
233Refined studies into the effect of windmills
235On the action of saws
238Concerning the strength of columns
248On the screw of Archimedes
249On finding the best shape for gear teeth
259On the motion and reaction of water flowing through moving tubes
277Principal theory of machines
278On the motion and grinding of lenses while they are polished upon curved plates
288Thoughts on constructing ramparts/walls
330Supplement on the shape of the teeth of wheels [gear teeth]
480Regula facilis pro diiudicanda firmitate pontis aliusve corporis similis excognita firmitate moduli
508The determination of the loads which columns are strong enough to bear
509An examination of an outstanding paradox occurring in the theory of columns
510De altitudine columnarum sub proprio pondere corruentium
579Calculations on aerostatic balloons made by the late Mr. Leonhard Euler, as they were found on his blackboard, after his death on September 7, 1783
832Von der Kraft der Rammen, Pfahle einzuschlagen
833To determine the effect of a hydraulic machine invented by Mr. Segner, a Professor at Gottingen
843Constructio manometri densitatem aeris quovis tempore accurate monstrantis
855Determination of the prinicples of motion of blood through arteries