Naval Science

Original Titles
English Titles

4Thoughts on a nautical problem, proposed by the illustrious Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris
27On isoperimetric problems in the widest sense
78Essay on a better construction of a capstan
94On the movement of a boat with oars propelled through running waters
110Naval Science, volume 1
111Naval Science, volume 2
116Memoir on the force of oars
137Examination of a design for propelling a ship by an internal principle of motion
150Meditations on the question of determining the moment of time by observations
413On the movement of ships without the force of the wind
415Concerning pitching and rolling
426Complete theory of the construction and steering of ships
520Essay of the theory of resistance that a prow of a ship experiences throughout its motion
545De vi fluminis ad naves sursum trahendas applicanda