Paris Prize Pieces

Original Titles
English Titles

4Thoughts on a nautical problem, proposed by the illustrious Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris
34Dissertation on fire
57A physical inquiry into the cause of the ebb and flow of the sea
78Essay on a better construction of a capstan
108A dissertation on an observed tendency of magents
109Dissertation on Magnets
120Investigations on the question of the differences of the movement of Saturn and Jupiter
150Meditations on the question of determining the moment of time by observations
384Research on the inequalities of Jupiter and Saturn
413On the movement of ships without the force of the wind
414An investigation of the perturbations by which the motions of the planets are---on account of their action upon one another---affected
415Concerning pitching and rolling
416Reflections on the question: Does the medial motion of the planets remain at constant speed, or does it, in the course of time, undergo some change? And what might be the cause of this?
485Answer to the question proposed by the Paris Academy for 1770
486Answer to the question proposed by the Paris Academy for 1772