Nova Acta Eruditorum

Original Titles
English Titles

11Solution of certain differential equations which do not admit separation of variables
75Solution of a problem proposed in the Nova Acta Eruditorum in November, 1743
79A problem of geometry proposed publicly by an anonymous geometer
80Opuscula varii argumenti
84Observation by Leonhard Euler on sections 83 and following of the preceding book, concerning elastic curves
85Solution to a catoptric problem proposed in this journal in September 1745 on page 523
100On Amicable Numbers
106Solution to the catoptric problem in Novis Actis Eruditorum Lipsiensibus proposed in November 1745
119On vibrations of excited chords
121Physical conjectures on the propogation of sound and light with other dissertations: on amicable numbers, on natural equations, and on the rectification of ellipses
156Opusculorum tomus III. continens novam theoriam magnetis ab illustr. academia regia scient: Parisina praemio condecoratam a. 1744.
211Problema, ad cuius solutionem geometrae invitantur; theorema, ad cuius demonstrationem geometrae invitantur
445Proof that every integer is the sum of four squares