General Mechanics

Original Titles
English Titles

1Construction of isochronous curves in a resistant medium
6Dissertation on a number of new types of tautochrone curves
12On the innumerable tautochrone curves in a vacuum
13Tautochrone curves in a fluid making a second resistance proportional to the square of the speed
15Mechanics, volume 1
16Mechanics, volume 2
21For some given curve, it is required to find another curve joined in a certain way with that given, which is suitable for producing a tautochrone curve
24Solution of a remarkable case concerning tautochronism
86On the movement of bodies on movable surfaces
97On the attraction of spherico-elliptical bodies
145Research into the largest and the smallest which are found in the action of forces
146Reflection on some general laws of nature which are observed in the effects of random forces
176Exposé concerning the letter from Leibnitz to Koenig in the March, 1751 issue of the Acts of Leipzig on the occasion of his publication of the Principle of Least Action
177Discovery of a new principle in Mechanics
181Research on the origin of forces
182Letter of Mr. Euler to M. Merian
186Essay on the principle of least action, with an examination of the objections of M. Professor Koenig made against this principle
197Harmony existing between the general principles of rest and movement by M. de Maupertuis
198On the principle of least action
199Examination of the dissertation of Professor Koenig inserted into the Acts of Leipzig for the month of March 1751
200Essay concerning a metaphysical demonstration on the general principle of equilibrium
299Explanation of the tautochrone in a resistant medium
301De motu corporis ad duo centra virium fixa attracti
328On the motion of a body attracted to two fixed centers of forces
337Problem: A body is attracted by reason of the reciprocal square of the distance towards two given fixed points, find the case where the described curve by this body will be algebraic, solved by Mr. Euler
436On the true tautochrone in fluids
437On the tautochrone in a thin medium, where the resistance is directly proportional to the speed
438Clarifications regarding the tautochrone
503De motu oscillatorio penduli cuiuscunque, dum arcus datae amplitudinis absolvit
516De motu oscillatorio duorum corporum ex filo super trochleas traducto suspensorum
517On a certain problem in mechanics, obvious enough, but with a most difficult solution
518Solutio gemina problematis, quo motus corporis, filo alicubi alligati, super plano horizontali quaeritur
533On the oscillating motion derived from a tense hanging thread
534Elucidations about several rather difficult cases of equilibrium
544De motu libero plurium corporum filis colligatorum super plano horizontali
614Commentary on tractrix curves
615De viribus centripetis, ad curvas non in eodem plano sitas describendas, requisitis
625De viribus centripetis, ad curvas non in eodem plano sitas describendas, requisitis
717Solution to a problem of mechanics
756Solution to some curious problems of mechanics
765De problemate curvarum synchronarum, eiusque imprimis inverso
766Methodus nova et generalis problema synchronarum inversum aliaque eiusdem generis resolvendi
770Enodatio maximi paradoxi, in problemate quodam mechanico occurentis
824Vera vires existimandi ratio
826On the motion of a body on a moving surface
827De motu corporum in tubo rectilineo mobili circa axem fixum, per ipsum tubum transeuntem
828Dissertation on the motion of enclosed bodies in a rigid tube mobile around a fixed axis
829De motu corporum in tubis circa punctum fixum mobilibus