Original Titles
English Titles

3On a method for algebraic reciprocal trajectories
5Solution to the problem of reciprocal trajectories
23On rectifiable algebraic curves
73The solution to a geometric problem about circles shaped as moons
75Solution of a problem proposed in the Nova Acta Eruditorum in November, 1743
79A problem of geometry proposed publicly by an anonymous geometer
83On several properties of the conic sections which intersect with an infinity of other curved lines
85Solution to a catoptric problem proposed in this journal in September 1745 on page 523
106Solution to the catoptric problem in Novis Actis Eruditorum Lipsiensibus proposed in November 1745
129Investigation of curves which produce evolutes similar to themselves
133On the surface of scalene cones and of other conic bodies
135Various geometric demonstrations
147On the apparent contradiction in the rule of curved lines
148Proof concerning the number on points where two lines of ordinary order can intersect
166On the reduction of curved lines to the arcs of circles
169On the cuspidal points of the second kind of Monsieur le Marquis de l'Hopital
173New method of finding reciprocal algebraic trajectories
192Solution of a problem of geometry
214Principles of spherical trigonometry taken from the method of the maxima and minima
215Elements of spheroidal trigonometry taken from the method of the maxima and minima
220Reflections on a problem of geometry dealt with by certain geometers which nevertheless is impossible
230Elements of the doctrine of solids
231Proof of some of the properties of solid bodies enclosed by planes
298On the notable advancement of the inverse method of tangents
300Demonstration of a Bernoullian theorem in which cycloids are ultimately produced from the evolution, continued to infinity, of any right-angled curve
324Properties of triangles for which certain angles have a ratio between themselves
325Easy solutions to some difficult geometric problems
333Research into the curvature of surfaces
346De arcubus curvarum aeque amplis earumque comparatione
368On a hyperbolic curve expressed by this equation y = 1*2*3*...*x
390(Considerations of orthogonal trajectories)
392Development of a notable paradox concerning the equality of surfaces
408On rectifiable curves on spherical surfaces
419On solids whose (entire) surface can be unfolded onto a plane
422The solution of a certain altogether remarkable geometrical problem
423Considerations on the measurement of circles
433An aside on trajectories, both orthogonal and oblique-angled
490On the representation of spherical surfaces on a plane
491On the geographical projections of spherical surfaces
492On de Lisle's geographic projection and its use
505De corporibus regularibus per doctrinam sphaericam determinatis; ubi simul nova methodus globos sive coelestes sive terrestres charta obducendi traditur
513On triangular curves
514On the measure of solid angles
524A universal spherical trigonometry, derived briefly and from first principles
543Problematis cuiusdam Pappi Alexandrini constructio
563On the smallest ellipse which is to circumsrcibe a given rectilinear parallelogram
573De duplici genesi tam epicycloidum quam hypocycloidum
574De curvis rectificabilibus in superficie coni recti ducendis
601De symptomatibus quatuor punctorum, in eodem plano sitorum
602Methodus facilis omnia symptomata linearum curvarum non in eodem plano sitarum investigandi
604On rectilinear and oblique reciprocal trajectories
609Considerations about rectilinear and oblique trajectories
611Investigatio curvarum quae similes sint suis evolutis vel primis vel secundis vel tertiis vel adeo ordinis cuiuscunque
623De lineis rectificabilibus in superficie sphaeroidica quacunque geometrice ducendis
646De duabus pluribusve curvis algebraicis in quibus si a terminis fixis aequales arcus abscindantur eorum amplitudines datam inter se teneant rationem
647De methodo tangentium inversa ad theoriam solidorum translata
648An easy solution of a problem, in which a circle is searched for, given three circles tangent to it
654Methodus facilis investigandi radium osculi ex principio maximorum et minimorum petita
665The evolution of a problem whose analytic solution is most difficult, while the synthetic solution for it is obvious
666Problema geometricum ob singularia symptomata imprimis memorabile
667De curvis hyperbolicis quae intra suas assymtotas spatium finitum includunt
691Problema geometricum quo inter omnes ellipses quae per data quatuor puncta traduci possunt ea quaeritur quae habet aream minimam
692Solutio problematis maxime curiosi quo inter omnes ellipses quae circa datum triangulum circumscribi possunt ea quaeritur cuius area sit omnium minima
693On the center of similarity
697Investigatio superficierum quarum normales ad datum planum productae sint omnes inter se aequales
698Several speculations about the area of spherical triangles
712De corporibus cylindricis incurvatis
729Dilucidationes super Problemate geometrico de quadrisectione trianguli a Iacobo Bernoulli olum tractato
730Solutio completa problematis de quadrisectione trianguli per duas rectas inter se normales
733Solutio facilis problematis, quo quaeritur sphaera, quae datas quatuor sphaeras utcunque dispositas contingat
749About geometry and spheres
757On the problem of orthogonal trajectories, translated to surfaces
767De curvis quarum radii osculi tenent rationem duplicatam distantiae a puncto fixo earumque mirabilibus proprietatibus
771Solutio trium problematum difficiliorum ad methodum tangentium inversam pertinentium
814Foundations of Differential Calculus, volume 3
815Solution of problems from the theory of maxima and minima
819Continuation of some fragments taken from the Mathematics day book