Fluid Mechanics

Original Titles
English Titles

64Leonhardus Eulerus mathematicus acutissimus ad auctorem
89On the running down of the motion of the planets
225General principles concerning the state of the equilibrium of fluids
226General principles concerning the motion of fluids
227Continuation into the research on the theory of the motion of fluids
258Principles of the motion of fluids
260Attempt at a theory of the friction of fluids
276Clarifications into fluid resistance
331On the motion of fluids arising from different degrees of heat
332Research concerning the flow of rivers
375First section on the state of equilibrium of fluids
396Section two of Principles of Fluid Motion
409The third chapter on the linear motion of fluids
424Section four of the motion of air in tubes
494On the figure that the wind can induce on a stagnant fluid