Mechanics of Elastic Bodies

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8Solution to the problem of finding curves which is formed by an elastic strip when a force is applied to a single point
40On the smallest oscillations of rigid and flexible bodies. A new and easy method.
49On the oscillations of a flexible wire weighted with arbitrarily many little weights (?)
119On vibrations of excited chords
126On a new type of oscillation
136On the propagation of pulses in an elastic medium
140On the vibration of strings
159On the oscillating motion of flexible bodies
165On the motion of fluids arising from different degrees of heat
174On the motion of flexible bodies
213Remarks on the preceeding memories of M. Bernoulli
230Elements of the doctrine of solids
268Letter of Mr. Euler to Mr. de Lagrange
286On the vibrating motion of a flexible wire, weighted with however many small particles
287On the vibrating motion of unevenly thick strings
302On the motion of vibrations in drums
303Tentamen de sono campanarum
317Clarifications on the movement of vibrating strings
318Research into the motion of unequally thick strings
339On the motion of a string which at the start has only been struck only in one area
365Extracts from some letters by Euler to d'Alembert
374On the equilibrium and motion of bodies connected by flexible curves
410Natural basic principles of the study of the state of equilibrium, and the motion, of bodies that are both perfectly flexible and elastic
439A further inquiry into vibrating chords
440Inquiries into the Bernoulli solution, in Volume XVI of the New Commentaries, regarding the motion of strings composed of two parts of differing density
441On the vibratory motion of strings composed of an arbitrary number of parts of differing density
442On the vibratory motion of strings possessed of a density that varies arbitrarily
443On the vibratory motion of elastic laminates, where many new types of vibrations, not treated heretofore, are solved
455A determination, sought from the first principles of mechanics, of the oscillatory motion that was treated in the preceding article
471De motu turbinatorio chordarum musicarum; ubi simul universa theoria aequilibrii quam motus corporum flexibilium simulque etiam elasticorum breviter explicatur
481De gemina methodo tam aequilibrium quam motum corporum flexibilium determinandi et utriusque egregio consensu
482De pressione funium tensorum in corpora subiecta eorumque motu a frictione impedito. Ubi praesertim methodus traditur
526Investigatio motuum, quibus laminae et virgae elasticae contremiscunt
535Determinatio omnium motuum, quos chorda tensa et uniformiter crassa recipere potest
537On the figure of elastic curves against the objections of the illustrious d'Alembert
567Dilucidationes de motu chordarum inaequaliter crassarum
576De oscillationibus minimis funis libere suspensi
577De perturbatione motus chordarum ab earum pondere oriunda
608Accuratior evolutio formularum pro filorum flexibilium aequilibrio et motu inventarum
618Consideratio motus singularis, qui in filo perfecte flexili locum habere potest
830Recensio litterarum a Cl. D. Bernoullio basilea die 26. Oct. 1735 ad me datarum, una cum annotationibus meis
831De oscillationibus annulorum elasticorum