Eclipses and Parallax

Original Titles
English Titles

14Solution to problems of astronomy: given the altitudes and time differences for three fixed stars, to find the elevation of the pole and the declination of the star
18On the Indian solar year
50A method for computing the equation of a meridian
113Method for finding the true moments of both the new and the full moon
114Method of finding the true geocenter of the moon by the obsertvation of the occulation of a fixed star
115Method of determining the longitude of the observation site by observation of the occulations of fixed stars by the moon
117Reflections on the last eclipse of the sun from July 25, 1748
132Method of the celebrated Leonhard Euler for determining a degree of the meridian, as well as of a parallel of the earth, based on the measurement undertaken by the celebrated de Maupertuis and his colleagues
141On the agreement of the latest eclipses of the sun and moon with my tables, to find the true times of full and new moons
155Excerpt from a letter of Herr Euler about the concept of asterisms on the celestial sphere
172On the parallax of the moon, with respect to its elevation and azimuth, under the hypothesis of a spherical earth
185(Euler's preface to the work An examination of the Middle Ages, set forth according to astronomical and chronological principles, by Heinrich Wilhelm Clemm, Berlin 1752)
397Exposition of methods, not only for determining the parallax of the sun from an observed transit of Venus across the sun, but also for finding longitudes of places on the earth from observations of eclipses of the sun, together with calculations and conclusions deduced therefrom
483De traiectu citissimo stellae per duos circulos almucantarath datos pro qualibet elevatione poli.
484De circulo maximo fixo in coelo constituendo, ad quem orbitae planetarum et cometarum referantur.
495Considerationes super problemate astronomico in tomo commentarior. veter. IV. pertractato.
496On the apparent figure of the ring of Saturn, according to the place of it from any perspective on earth
497On the appearance and disappearance of the rings of Saturn
529A theory of parallaxes, accommodating the spheroid shape of the Earth
570On finding longitude of a place by observing the distance between the moon and a known fixed star
571De eclipsibus solaribus in superficie terrae per proiectionem repraesentandis.