Combinatorics and Probability

Original Titles
English Titles

53The solution of a problem relating to the geometry of position
201Calculation of the probability in the game of Rencontre
309Solution of a curious question which does not seem to have been subjected to any analysis
313On the advantage to the banker in the game of Pharaon
334General research on the mortality and the propagation of the human race
335Concerning annuity incomes
338On the probability of series in the Genoese lottery
403Herr Leonhard Euler's necessary computation for the establishment of a widows-fund
412Solution to a very difficult question in the calculus of probabilities
473Clarifications on the establishing of public which are as helpful to widows as to the deceased, with a description of a new type of Tontine as favorable to the public as it is useful to the state
476Observations about a new and singular type of progression
488Observations on the foregoing dissertation of Bernoulli
530Investigations on a new type of magic square
599Solution to a question concerning the calculation of probability: How much should be paid by a couple, so that a certain sum of money can be paid to the heir after the death of the other
600The solution of certain difficult questions in the calculus of probabilities
628Clarifications on the paper by Mr. de La Grange inserted into volume 5 of the Melanges de Turin, concerning the method of taking the mean of the results of various observations
738The solution of a curious question in the scene of combinations
795On magic squares
811The true valuation of the risk in games
812Reflections on a singular kind of lottery named the Genoese Lottery
813Analysis of a problem in the calculus of probabilities