Calculus of Variations

Original Titles
English Titles

9On the shortest line joining two points on a surface
27On isoperimetric problems in the widest sense
42On the curve of fastest descent in whatever resistent medium
56New and easy method of finding curves enjoying a maximal or minimal property
65A method for finding curved lines enjoying properties of maximum or minimum, or solution of isoperimetric problems in the broadest accepted sense
84Observation by Leonhard Euler on sections 83 and following of the preceding book, concerning elastic curves
99The solution to a certain problem proposed by the celebrated Daniel Bernoulli
250A method for finding infinitely many isoperimetric curves predicated with a common property
296The Elements of the Calculus of Variations
297Explanation of the analytical method in the maxima and minima
420A new and easy method for treating the calculus of variations
444On the most rapid (descending) motion of weights along curves of a specified type
501Considerations about brachistochrones
727A more accurate treatment of the problem of drawing the shortest line on a surface
731The solution of a memorable problem by a special artifice of calculation
735On an outstanding paradox, which occurs in the analysis of maximums and minimums
740De lineis curvis non in eodem plano sitis, quae maximi minimive proprietate sunt praeditae
759A more accurate investigation into brachistochrones
760De vera brachystochrona seu linea celerrimi descensus in medio resistente
761De brachystochrona in medio resistente, dum corpus ad centrum virium utunque attrahitur