Enestrom Numbers 800-866

Original Titles
English Titles

800A letter from L. Euler to Christoph Jezler, dated 4 May 1765
801Three letters of Euler to Frederick the Great in 1743
802Einige Zeilen aus Briefen von L. Euler an Johannes Schorndorf vom 27 April 1743 und vom 26 Mai 1750
803Vierzehn Briefe oder Auszuge aus Briefen von L. Euler an W.J.G. Karsten 1758-1765
804Two letters of Euler to Bulffinger in 1738
805Posthumous works in mathematics and physics
806Arithmetical fragments taken from the mathematical day book
807On the logarithms of negative and imaginary numbers
808An algebraic problem of finding four numbers with the sum of the three others
809Series maxime idoneae pro circuli quadratura proxime invenienda
810Enodatio insignis cuiusdam paradoxi circa multiplicationem angulorum observati
811The true valuation of the risk in games
812Reflections on a singular kind of lottery named the Genoese Lottery
813Analysis of a problem in the calculus of probabilities
814Foundations of Differential Calculus, volume 3
815Solution of problems from the theory of maxima and minima
816Thoughts on certain integral formulas for which the values can be expressed under certain circumstances by the squaring of the circle
817On curved lines, the rectification of which is measured by given quadratures
818On the comparison of irrectifiable curved arcs
819Continuation of some fragments taken from the Mathematics day book
820Six letters to Nicholas Bernoulli II of Basel, dated 1742 to 1745
821Two letters to Frederick II, King of Prussia, sent in the years 1749 and 1763
822Eighteen letters to Lagrange from 1755 to 1775
824Vera vires existimandi ratio
825De motu corporum circa punctum fixum mobilium
826On the motion of a body on a moving surface
827De motu corporum in tubo rectilineo mobili circa axem fixum, per ipsum tubum transeuntem
828Dissertation on the motion of enclosed bodies in a rigid tube mobile around a fixed axis
829De motu corporum in tubis circa punctum fixum mobilibus
830Recensio litterarum a Cl. D. Bernoullio basilea die 26. Oct. 1735 ad me datarum, una cum annotationibus meis
831De oscillationibus annulorum elasticorum
832Von der Kraft der Rammen, Pfahle einzuschlagen
833To determine the effect of a hydraulic machine invented by Mr. Segner, a Professor at Gottingen
834Astronomia mechanica adjecta Digressione de cometa A. 1757
835Solutio duorum problematum, Astronomiam mechanicam spectantium
836New astronomical tables for calculating the position of the sun
837De emendatione tabularum lunarium per observationes eclipsium lunae
838Tria capita ex opere quodam majori inedito de theoria lunae
839De atmosphaera lunae ex eclipsi colis annulari evicta
840De motu cometarum in orbitis parabolicis, solem in foco habentibus
841Research into the inequalities caused by planetary motion by random forces
842An Introduction to Natural Science
843Constructio manometri densitatem aeris quovis tempore accurate monstrantis
844General theory of dioptrics
845Seven chapters of a work on dioptrics
846Research to serve for the perfection of glasses
847De amplificatione campi apparentis in telescopiis
848Concerning the construction of microscopes
849Reflections on the determination of compass readings
850Research on the discovery of the currents of the sea
851Recensio Dissertationis de ventis
852Thoughts on the formation of the voice
853Meditation on experiments made recently on the firing of a cannon
854Several pieces about monads
855Determination of the prinicples of motion of blood through arteries
856Fragments from the mathematical day book
857Three unpublished from Euler to Johann Bernoulli I, 1729-1737
858Unpublished letters from Euler to d'Alembert
859Several lines of a letter from Euler to Johann Bernoulli I from August 27, 1737
860Fourteen letters from Euler to P. L. M. de Maupertuis, 1752-1759
861Extracts of letters from Euler to Johann Bernoulli I, 1739-1740
862Extracts of letters from Euler to Johann Bernoulli I, 1728-1729
863The correspondence between Leonhard Euler and Johann I Bernoulli, 1727-1740
864The correspondence between Leonhard Euler and Daniel Bernoulli
865Several lines of a letter from Euler to the "Royal Society" dated October 21/November 1, 1768
866Letter from Euler to J. d'Alembert from February 15, 1748