Enestrom Numbers 200-299

Original Titles
English Titles

200Essay concerning a metaphysical demonstration on the general principle of equilibrium
201Calculation of the probability in the game of Rencontre
202On the application of the hydraulic machine of Mr. Segner to all sorts of situations and its advantages over the other hydraulic machines which one typically uses
203Research on a new method to raise water proposed by M. Mour
204Extract of a Letter from Professor Euler, of Berlin, to the Rev. Mr. Caspar Wetstein, Chaplain to Her Royal Highness the Princess Dowager of Wales
205Geographic Atlas - Preface
206On the motion of water in conduits
207In depth explanation concerning different methods in which to raise water through pumps with the greatest effectiveness
208Maxims for the most advantageous arrangement of machines that raise water by use of pumps.
209Essay concerning the physical explanation of colors which are issued from extremely thin surfaces
210Letters relating to a Theorem of Mr. Euler, of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Berlin, and F.R.S. for correcting the Aberrations in the Object-Glasses of refracting Telescopes
211Problema, ad cuius solutionem geometrae invitantur; theorema, ad cuius demonstrationem geometrae invitantur
212Foundations of Differential Calculus, with Applications to Finite Analysis and Series, Volume 1
213Remarks on the preceeding memories of M. Bernoulli
214Principles of spherical trigonometry taken from the method of the maxima and minima
215Elements of spheroidal trigonometry taken from the method of the maxima and minima
216Examination of a controversy on the law of refraction of rays of different colors with respect to the different transparent media through which they pass
217Examination of the true curve that bodies which are airborne or in any other fluid
218A letter from L. Euler to E. Pontoppidan, dated 11 May 1754
219Concerning the refraction of light while passing through the atmosphere and the different degrees dependent on heat as to the elaticity of the air
220Reflections on a problem of geometry dealt with by certain geometers which nevertheless is impossible
221Research into the physics of the different refrangibilities of light rays
222A more complete theory of machines which are activated by their reaction to water
223Concerning the variation of latitude of fixed stars and the obliquity of the ecliptic
225General principles concerning the state of the equilibrium of fluids
226General principles concerning the motion of fluids
227Continuation into the research on the theory of the motion of fluids
228On numbers which are the sum of two squares
229On the construction of the best gears
230Elements of the doctrine of solids
231Proof of some of the properties of solid bodies enclosed by planes
232On the movement of celestial bodies perturbed by any number of forces
233Refined studies into the effect of windmills
234Experiments to determine the refraction of all types of transparent liquors
235On the action of saws
236Explanation of certain paradoxes in integral calculus
237Research concerning the declination of the magnetized needle
238Concerning the strength of columns
239General rules for the construction of telescopes and microscopes, using some general number of lenses.
240Research into glasses with three lenses which represent inverted objects
241Proof of a theorem of Fermat that every prime number of the form 4n+1 is the sum of two squares
242Proof of a theorem of Fermat that every number whether whole or fraction is the sum of four or fewer squares
243Observations on the sums of divisors
244A demonstration of a theorem on the order observed in the sums of divisors
245On a method analogous to that of Diophantus in the analysis of the infinites
246A contribution to the calculations of sines
247On divergent series
248On the screw of Archimedes
249On finding the best shape for gear teeth
250A method for finding infinitely many isoperimetric curves predicated with a common property
251On the integration of the differential equations (m dx)/√(1-x4) = (n dy)/√(1-y4)
252Observations on the comparison of arcs of irrectifiable curves
253On indeterminate problems which appear to be quite determinate
254On the expression of integrals as factors
255General solution of certain Diophantine problems, which are ordinarily thought to admit only special solutions
256Example of the use of observation in pure mathematics
257On friction of rotating bodies
258Principles of the motion of fluids
259On the motion and reaction of water flowing through moving tubes
260Attempt at a theory of the friction of fluids
261Example of another new methods for comparing transcendental quantities; on the comparison of the arcs of ellipses
262Theorems about the remainders left by division by powers
263An example of a new method for the quadrature and rectification of curves and of comparing other quantities which are transcendentally related to each other
264Proof of a theorem and solution of a theorem proposed in the Acta Eruditorum of Leipzig
265On differential equations of the second degree
266A construction of objective lenses from two glasses which produces neither confusion of a spherical figure nor gives rise to the dispersion of colors
267Extract of a letter of M. Euler written to M. Duhamel, 3 February 1756
268Letter of Mr. Euler to Mr. de Lagrange
269On the integration of differential equations
270The solution of a problem about searching for three numbers, of which the sum and not only their product but the sum of their products two apiece, are square numbers
271Demonstration of a new method in the Theory of Arithmetic
272A reinforcement of some arithmetic theorems, supported by several demonstrations
273Consideration of formulas, of which the integral can be obtained by sections of arcs of cones
274Construction of the differentio-differential equation Ay du2 + (B+Cu)du dy + (D+Eu+Fuu)ddy = 0, assuming the element du to be constant
275Annotations to a certain passage of Descartes for finding the quadrature of the circle
276Clarifications into fluid resistance
277Principal theory of machines
278On the motion and grinding of lenses while they are polished upon curved plates
279On the resolution of formulas of squares of indeterminates by integral numbers
280On progressions of arcs of circles, of which the accompanying tangents proceed by a certain law
281A specimen of a singular algorithm
282On the resolution of equations of any order
283On very large prime numbers
284On the resolution of the equation dy + ayy dx = bxm dx
285Investigation of functions from a given condition of differentials
286On the vibrating motion of a flexible wire, weighted with however many small particles
287On the vibrating motion of unevenly thick strings
288Thoughts on constructing ramparts/walls
289Theory of the motion of solid or rigid bodies
290Geometria dalya ipotrevleniya v academycheskoi gymnazii [Russian]
291Research into the science of mechanical bodies
292On the movement of rotation of solid bodies around a variable axis
293General remarks on the daily motion of the planets
294Remarks by Mr. Euler on several passages which appeared in the third volume of mathematical works by Mr. d'Alembert
295On the reduction of integral formulas for the rectification of the ellipse and hyperbola
296The Elements of the Calculus of Variations
297Explanation of the analytical method in the maxima and minima
298On the notable advancement of the inverse method of tangents
299Explanation of the tautochrone in a resistant medium