Enestrom Numbers 100-199

Original Titles
English Titles

100On Amicable Numbers
101Introduction to the Analysis of the Infinite, volume 1
102Introduction to the Analysis of the Infinite, volume 2
103Physical Investigations on the tail of comets, the northern lights, and the zodiacal light
104Memoir on the effect of the successive propagation of light in the appearance of the planets as well as the comets
105Memoir on the Grand Equation of the Planets
106Solution to the catoptric problem in Novis Actis Eruditorum Lipsiensibus proposed in November 1745
107Extract of a letter from Mr. Leonhard Euler, Prof. Mathem. and Member of the Imperial Society at Petersburgh, to the Rev. Mr. Cha. Wetstein, Chaplain and Secretary to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, concerning the Discoveries of the Russians on the North-East Coast of Asia.
108A dissertation on an observed tendency of magents
109Dissertation on Magnets
110Naval Science, volume 1
111Naval Science, volume 2
112Studies on the movement of celestial bodies in general
113Method for finding the true moments of both the new and the full moon
114Method of finding the true geocenter of the moon by the obsertvation of the occulation of a fixed star
115Method of determining the longitude of the observation site by observation of the occulations of fixed stars by the moon
116Memoir on the force of oars
117Reflections on the last eclipse of the sun from July 25, 1748
118On the perfection of objective lenses of telescopes
119On vibrations of excited chords
120Investigations on the question of the differences of the movement of Saturn and Jupiter
121Physical conjectures on the propogation of sound and light with other dissertations: on amicable numbers, on natural equations, and on the rectification of ellipses
122On products created from infinite factors
123Observations on continued fractions
124On the determination of the gradient of heat and cold at each point and time of a region
125Consideration of a progression suitable for finding the quadrature of a circle
126On a new type of oscillation
127An explanation of the phenomena which proceed in turn from the movement of light
128An easy method for computing the natural and artificial sines and tangents of angles
129Investigation of curves which produce evolutes similar to themselves
130Considerations on certain series
131An emmendation to astronomical tables of locating the geocenters of planets
132Method of the celebrated Leonhard Euler for determining a degree of the meridian, as well as of a parallel of the earth, based on the measurement undertaken by the celebrated de Maupertuis and his colleagues
133On the surface of scalene cones and of other conic bodies
134Theorems on divisors of numbers
135Various geometric demonstrations
136On the propagation of pulses in an elastic medium
137Examination of a design for propelling a ship by an internal principle of motion
138On the motion of the lunar nodes, and on the variation of their inclination to the ecliptic
139To what degree the motion of the earth is perturbed by the moon, more accurately investigated
140On the vibration of strings
141On the agreement of the latest eclipses of the sun and moon with my tables, to find the true times of full and new moons
142On the atmosphere of the moon as proved by the last ringed eclipse of the sun
143On the friction of solid bodies
144On the reduction of the resistance of friction
145Research into the largest and the smallest which are found in the action of forces
146Reflection on some general laws of nature which are observed in the effects of random forces
147On the apparent contradiction in the rule of curved lines
148Proof concerning the number on points where two lines of ordinary order can intersect
149Reflections on space and time
150Meditations on the question of determining the moment of time by observations
151A physical conjecture on the propagation of sound and light
152On amicable numbers
153A double demonstration of a theorem of Newton, which gives a relation between the coefficient of an algebraic equation and the sums of the powers of its roots
154Observations on the rectification of ellipses
155Excerpt from a letter of Herr Euler about the concept of asterisms on the celestial sphere
156Opusculorum tomus III. continens novam theoriam magnetis ab illustr. academia regia scient: Parisina praemio condecoratam a. 1744.
157On the extraction of roots from irrational quantities
158Various analytical observations about combinations
159On the oscillating motion of flexible bodies
160On the descent of bodies over an unevenly inclined plane
161On the movement of bodies over an uneven horizontal plane
162A method for integrating rational differential forms involving one variable
163An easier and more expedient method for integrating rational differential forms
164Theorems about the divisors of numbers contained in the form paa ± qbb
165On the motion of fluids arising from different degrees of heat
166On the reduction of curved lines to the arcs of circles
167On the solution of a most difficult problem proposed by Fermat
168On the controversy between Messrs Leibniz and Bernoulli concerning the logarithms of negative and imaginary numbers
169On the cuspidal points of the second kind of Monsieur le Marquis de l'Hopital
170Research on imaginary roots of equations
171Research on the precession of the equinoxes and on the nutation of the earth's axis
172On the parallax of the moon, with respect to its elevation and azimuth, under the hypothesis of a spherical earth
173New method of finding reciprocal algebraic trajectories
174On the motion of flexible bodies
175Discovery of an extraordinary law of numbers in relation to the sum of their divisors
176Exposé concerning the letter from Leibnitz to Koenig in the March, 1751 issue of the Acts of Leipzig on the occasion of his publication of the Principle of Least Action
177Discovery of a new principle in Mechanics
178Reflections of the different degrees of sunlight on other celestial bodies
179Research concerning the effects of a hydraulic machine proposed by M. Segner, professor at Gottingen
180Notice on the subject of Research on the precession of the equinoxes
181Research on the origin of forces
182Letter of Mr. Euler to M. Merian
183Part of a Letter from Leonard Euler, Prof. Math. at Berlin, and F.R.S. To the Rev. Mr. Caspar Wetstein, Chaplain to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, concerning the gradual Approach of the Earth to the Sun
184Part of a Letter from Mr. Professor Euler to the Reverend Mr. Wetstein, Chaplain to his Royal Highness the Prince, concerning the Contraction of the Orbits of the Planets
185(Euler's preface to the work An examination of the Middle Ages, set forth according to astronomical and chronological principles, by Heinrich Wilhelm Clemm, Berlin 1752)
186Essay on the principle of least action, with an examination of the objections of M. Professor Koenig made against this principle
187Theory of the motion of the moon which exhibits all its irregularities
188Method of integrating differential equations of higher degrees, further developed
189On the determination of series, or a new method for finding the general terms of series
190Consideration of certain series which are gifted with particular properties
191On the partitions of numbers
192Solution of a problem of geometry
193On the perturbation of the movement of planets from a figure not arising from a sphere
194On machines in general
195On the tautochrone motion of pendulums
196Improvement of the magic lantern and solar microscope
197Harmony existing between the general principles of rest and movement by M. de Maupertuis
198On the principle of least action
199Examination of the dissertation of Professor Koenig inserted into the Acts of Leipzig for the month of March 1751