Translations of Euler's Works

Euler Scholarship. Since roughly 80% of Euler's works were published in Latin, translation into current languages is crucial in order to understand his contributions to science and mathematics. Additionally, while English is the primary language of scholarship today, translations into any modern languages are highly valuable, and will help make Euler's work available to the general public.

Our Translation Goals. One of the the Euler Archive's key objectives is to provide a foundation for the translation of Euler's works. So, we provide here a translation "clearing-house": a comprehensive listing of articles, books, and letters that are being actively translated. In this way, individual translators may inform the community of Euler scholars of their current area of study while also preventing accidental duplication of a translation in progress.

Our Translation Policy. Our view is that any modern rendering of Euler's work has value, and should be made available to the community of scholars. Additionally, in the interests of quality and peer review, we encourage others to critique and review the translations presented on our site. Thus, while any translation submitted to the Euler Archive will be posted, it will be labeled initially as a draft translation; only after being reviewed and edited will a translation lose this label.

If you are contemplating a translation project: please contact Erik Tou ( Use "Euler Translation Notice" as your subject heading. Once your message has been received, the Claimed Translations list will be updated (see below). If you decide to discontinue a translation, please contact the archive so that it can be returned to "open" status (a translation that has been claimed but not completed for 6 years will be automatically returned to "open" status). If you want to translate a work that is already on the "claimed" list, please contact the translator to see if s/he is willing to either collaborate on the translation or relinquish the claim to you.

When you have completed a translation project: please send an anonymous PDF manuscript to Erik Tou ( It will then be sent to a reviewer to evaluate the quality of the translation. For short translations (up to 3 pages in length), this process may be expedited; otherwise, expect 6-8 weeks for a review to be completed once a reviewer has been found. Translation reviews are double-blind.

Completed Translations           Untranslated Works

Active Translations

Index NumberSubmit DateTitle/DescriptionTranslator(s)Contact
E3711 Mar 2019 On the motion of planets and orbits Patrick Headleyheadley001 at gannon dot edu
E3811 Mar 2019 Determination of orbits around the sun Patrick Headleyheadley001 at gannon dot edu
E5023 Dec 2019 A method for computing the equation of a meridian Patrick Headleyheadley001 at gannon dot edu
E825 Jul 2017De la force de percussion et de sa veritable mesureVera Gonzalezvgonzalezgab at gmail dot com
E8826 Jan 2018A new theory of light and colorsCrystal Lai crystal dot lai at protonmail dot com
E9827 Mar 2018 Theorematum quorundam arithmeticorum demonstrationes Paul Bialek pbialek at tiu dot edu
E11223 Jan 2020Studies on the motion of celestial bodies in generalAshley White ashleywhite at bac dot edu
E12616 Jun 2019 On a new type of oscillation Giuseppe Bocchino giuseppe dot bocchino at gmail dot com
E16712 Dec 2019On the solution of a most difficult problem proposed by FermatHeiko Todt htodt at stonehill dot edu
E18124 Jul 2017Research on the origin of forcesMichael Saclolo mikeps at stewards dot edu
E20924 Jul 2017Essay concerning the physical explanation of colors which are issued from extremely thin surfacesMichael Saclolo mikeps at stewards dot edu
E23424 Jul 2017Experiments to determine the refraction of all types of transparent liquorsMichael Saclolo mikeps at stewards dot edu
E2426 May 2016 Proof of a theorem of Fermat that every number whether whole or fraction is the sum of four or fewer squares Paul Bialek pbialek at tiu dot edu
E2707 Nov 2014The solution of a problem about searching for three numbers, of which the sum and not only their product but the sum of their products two apiece, are square numbersMark R. Snavely and Phil Woodruffmsnavely at carthage dot edu
E27114 Sep 2016Demonstration of a new method in the theory of arithmeticSarah Nelson sarah dot nelson at lr dot edu
E3159 Jan 2019Concerning the true character of modern musicLarry Blaine and Susan Ferre lblaine at plymouth dot edu
E27423 Jan 2020Construction of the differential equation Ay du2 + (B+Cu)du dy + (D+Eu+Fuu)ddy = 0, assuming the element du to be constantAshley White ashleywhite at bac dot edu
E32613 Mar 2018Observationes analyticaeCynthia Huffman cjhuffman at pittstate dot edu
E40024 Sep 2015Thoughts on the three body problemJustin Barhite jbarhite at carthage dot edu
E43822 Sep 2018Clarifications regarding the tautochroneWilliam Holland williamholland28 at gmail dot com
E4486 Sep 2019A new infinite series that expresses the perimeter of an ellipse, and which converges very rapidlyJack Elgie jacktelgie at gmail dot com
E54329 Nov 2016Problematis cuiusdam Pappi Alexandrini constructioCynthia Huffman and Glen Van Brummelen cjhuffman at pittstate dot edu
E56028 May 2019Miscellanea analytica Christopher Goff cgoff at pacific dot edu
E58624 Jul 2017Considerations about a theorem of Fermat on the resolution of numbers into polygonal numbersMichael Saclolo mikeps at stewards dot edu
E61029 Sep 2016Novae demonstrationes circa divisores numerorum formae xx+nyyTorger Olson tjolson at email dot wm dot edu
E61321 Mar 2017Dilucidationes in capita postrema calculi mei differentalis de functionibus inexplicabilibusItay Barasch itaybarasch at gmail dot com
E6863 Jul 2019Elucidations about the formula, in which the sines and cosines of angles are to be multiplied, where at once large difficulties are dilutedAllen Rogers allenr at elmhurst dot edu
E74725 Feb 2019On remarkable series, by which the sines and cosines of multiplied angles may be expressedAllen Rogers allenr at elmhurst dot edu
E75830 Sep 2013De binis formulis speciei xx + myy et xx + nyy inter se concordibus et discordibusAllan MacLeod allan dot macleod at uws dot ac dot uk
E79224 Mar 2019Tractatus de numerorum doctrinaJohn Fossa jfossa at oi dot com dot br
E85823 Jan 2020Unpublished letters from Euler to d'AlembertAshley White ashleywhite at bac dot edu