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Euler Opera Omnia

Published by Birkhäuser and the Euler Commission of Switzerland, the Opera Omnia is the definitive print source for Euler's works. Publication began in 1911, growing to scores of volumes comprising nearly all of Euler's works.

Put simply, the Opera Omnia is the authoritative source of Euler's works. Not only do his writings appear in neatly typeset, edited form, but each volume also includes commentaries---some of them very lengthy and very scholarly---on those works. The Opera Omnia can be found in many large research libraries, and is well worth the time spent with it.

Most recently, Springer has been publishing volumes of Euler's correspondence, and has several more volumes in preparation.

Euler's work

Euler's Books

Euler's Correspondence

Biographies of Euler

18th Century Science

The Eighteenth Century is the height of the Enlightenment, and is an important and fascinating period of time in the History of Science. It's a slightly confusing time, however, with academies, societies, and monarchs controlling almost all science and scientists of the day. If you're looking for a good starting place to learn more about this time, and to put Euler's work in a good historical context, The Euler Archive suggests the following books: