Histoire de l'Académie Royale des Sciences et des Belles-Lettres de Berlin,
Avec les Mémoires pour la même Année, tirez Registres de cette Academie

(History of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Belles-Lettres in Berlin, with the Memoirs for the same year, including the proceedings of the Academy)

The Histoire de l'Académie des Sciences et des Belles-Lettres de Berlin was an annual publication of the Berlin Academy (Académie Royale des Sciences et Belles-Lettres de Prusse) following the Academy's 1744 reorganization by Frederick II. It succeeded the Miscellanea Berolinensia, which concluded its publication in 1746.

The Histoire first appeared in 1745, along with a separate publication, the Mémoires. These two publications served dual roles: the Histoire consisted of scientific work done with regard to known material (and often included proceedings of the Academy itself), while the Mémoires consisted of new research which added to the body of knowledge.

After two volumes, the two journals were merged, and thereafter appeared under the name of the Histoire. However, it is worth noting that the Histoire and Mémoires coexisted as two separate pieces within this new publication, and many refer to the whole as the Mémoires).

It is also worth noting that there was typically a discrepancy between authorship and publication, usually one or two years. For example, the first volume of the Histoire is given as "1745," though it was first published in 1746.

Euler published 115 articles in the Mémoires between 1746 and 1771, a level of productivity second only to his contributions to the St. Petersburg Academy's Novi Commentarii. Only one of Euler's works appeared in the Histoire, for the simple reason that nearly all of his writings during the Berlin period were more appropriately published in the Mémoires. Volume numbers, articles, and links are shown below:

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