The Berlin Journals

Since 1710, the Berlin Academy has produced one primary journal on a (roughly) annual basis. This publication has seen several incarnations, which reflect the development and reorganizations of the Academy over the course of this time period. Consequently, this means that what might otherwise be a continuous series of publications seems fragmented and confusing.

The most obvious result is that the publication titles change drastically over the years, as shown below. (Click on the links for a description of that journal, and a list of articles that Euler published there.) Note that many of these journals appear in pairs; for example, the second item on this list is the Histoire (this is the first and most prominent word on the title page), but it also includes the Memoires for that year. However, the prominence of Histoire over Memoires was not consistent; while the two were almost always bound together, the ordering of the titles on the cover page was not always the same. Basically, this depends on which of them appeared in the first half of the publication.

The language of publication also changed over the years, from Latin to French to German. This is also demonstrative of the development and reorganizations of the Academy.

For more information on the Academy and its history, go to our Berlin Academy page, the journal pages listed above, or try Digitalisierte Akademieschriften und Schriften zur Geschichte, on the Berlin Academy's website.