E367 -- Dioptricae pars prima

(Optics, part 1)


This work contains 7 chapters:
  1. De diffusione imaginis per unicam lentem repraesentatae.
  2. De diffusione imaginis per plures lentes repraesentatae.
  3. De lentibus compositis seu multiplicatis.
  4. De confusione visionis nec non de magnitudine apparente et claritate.
  5. De campo apparente oculique loco maxime idoneo.
  6. De confusione a diversa radiorum indole oriunda.
  7. De constructione instrumentorum dioptricorum in genere.
According to the records, it was presented to the St. Petersburg Academy on October 20, 1768; this work, which is actually assembled out of a large number of earlier treatises, was edited by W. L. Krafft, according to N. Fuss.

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