E214 -- Principes de la trigonometrie spherique tires de la methode des plus grands et plus petits

(Principles of spherical trigonometry taken from the method of the maxima and minima)


Euler uses a simple result from his earlier work on the "Method of Maxima and Minima" (renamed, a few years later, "Calculus of Variations") to re-derive, without classical geometry, all the formulae to resolve a spherical triangle; that is, knowing any three measures from the set of three angles and three sides, to compute the other three. He begins with the case of a right spherical triangle, and then considers general triangles. Special attention is called to those formulae which are suited to the use of logarithms.

According to C. G. J. Jacobi, a treatise with this title was presented to the Berlin Academy on January 18, 1753.

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