E186 -- Dissertation sur le principe de la moindre action, avec l'examen des objections de M. le Professeur Koenig faites contre ce principe

(Essay on the principle of least action, with an examination of the objections of M. Professor Koenig made against this principle)


E186 was published in a bilingual editition in 1753. The puiblication contained not only a treatise of Euler's, but a second book -- a long objection by Koenig -- following Euler's. Both Euler's and Koenig's essays were written in responnce to a priority claim over the so-called "principle of least action:" Maupertuis claimed to have originated the idea, while Koenig claimed it should be credited to Leibniz.

John Glaus gave an excellent paper examining all side of the controversy and the Euler 2005 Conference. Information will be posted here when that paper becomes available.

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