E179 -- Recherches sur l'effet d'un machine hydraulique proposée par M. Segner, professeur à Goettingue

(Research concerning the effects of a hydraulic machine proposed by M. Segner, professor at Gottingen)

(based on Clifford A. Truesdell's introduction to Opera Omnia Series II, Volume 12)
In this work, Euler gives a complete hydraulic analysis, an early example of the theory of relative motion. He also shows that very high speeds are necessary for good efficiency. He argues that "by means of fixed conducting tubes, adjust the incoming velocity of the water so that the speed of efflux relative to the rotor is zero;" in this way, the theorietical efficiency will be "100% at the desired speed of operation." Euler expounds on this idea in greater detail in E222 and in E259.

According to C. G. J. Jacobi, a treatise with a similar title was presented to the Berlin Academy on September 2, 1751 (see 1753, E202).

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