E175 -- Decouverte d'une loi tout extraordinaire des nombres par rapport a la somme de leurs diviseurs

(Discovery of an extraordinary law of numbers in relation to the sum of their divisors)


This paper was apparently published three times: Fuss didn't know it had been published in Bibliothèque impartiale when he put it in the Commentationes artihmeticae in 1849 and then in the Opera Postuma in 1862.

Euler again uses S(n) to denote the sum of the divisors of n and presents the various properties of the function. It's possible that much of the material here is also in E152, though this paper also has some properties of partitions (starting in section 9).

According to C. G. J. Jacobi, a treatise with this title was read to the Berlin Academy on June 22, 1747.

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