E156 -- Opusculorum tomus III

(Works, volume 3)

Originally published with the full title: L. Euleri Opusculorum tomus III. continens novam theoriam magnetis ab illustr. academia regia scient: Parisina praemio condecoratam a. 1744. Una cum nonnullis aliis dissertationibus analytico-mechanicis. Berolini, sumtibus Ambr. Haude et Joh. Carol. Speneri, Bibliopol. reg. et acad. scient. privil. 1751.


E156 is one of an unusual group of Enestrom numbers. It refers to a collection of articles which were published together (in this case E109, E173, and E174), but which are about different topics.

The other two volumes of this series are: Publication: Documents Available:

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