E146 -- Reflexions sur quelques loix generales de la nature qui s'observent dans les effets des forces quelconques

(Reflection on some general laws of nature which are observed in the effects of random forces)

(based on C. Truesdell's An idiot's fugitive essays on science: methods, criticisms, training, circumstances)
In this paper, Euler proves that given the static principle, he can derive the equilibrium conditions for a fluid, and from these, he obtains the integrability conditions for a "Pfaffian" form in three variables. He also looks at the equilibrium of a weight suspended from three elastic cords by looking, via analogy, to a special case of the problem for fluids.

According to C. G. J. Jacobi, a treatise with this title was presented to the Berlin Academy on February 6, 1749.

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