E138 -- De motu nodorum lunae eiusque inclinationis ad eclipticam variatione

(On the motion of the lunar nodes, and on the variation of their inclination to the ecliptic)


According to the records, it was presented to the St. Petersburg Academy on September 2, 1748.

A treatise with this same title was read to the Berlin Academy on October 5, 1744, but only the abstract appeared in French (“Sur le mouvement des noeuds de la Lune et sur la variation de son inclinaison à l’écliptique”) in the Hist. de l’acad. d. sc. de Berlin [1] (1745), 1746, pp. 40- 44 [E138a]. Presumably it is this treatise that was presented to the St. Petersburg Academy in 1748.

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