E121 -- Opuscula Varii Argumenti, Bd. 2

(Various works, volume 2)

Originally published with the full title: Conjectura physica circa propagationem soni ac luminis una cum aliis dissertationibus analyticis De numeris amicabilibus De natura aequationum, ac De rectificatione ellipsis.
(Physical conjectures on the propogation of sound and light with other dissertations: on amicable numbers, on natural equations, and on the rectification of ellipses)

E121 is one of an unusual group of Enestrom numbers. It refers to a collection of articles which were published together (in this case E151-E154), but which contains no other writings of Euler.

According to Enestrom, E121 is usually referred to as Opuscula Varii Argumenti, volume 2, as it part of a three volume series. The other two parts are: Publication: Documents Available:

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