E111 -- Scientia Navalis, volume 2

(Naval Science, volume 2)

Originally published with the full title: Scientia navalis seu tractatus de construendis ac dirigendis navibus Pars posterior in qua rationes ac praecepta navium construendarum et gubernandarum fusius exponuntur auctore Leonhardo Euler prof. honorario academiae imper. scient. et directore acad. reg. scient. Borussicae. Instar supplementi ad tom. I. novorum commentar. acad. scient. imper. Petropoli typis academiae scientiarum MDCCXLIX.

(based on C. Truesdell's An idiot's fugitive essays on science: methods, criticisms, training, circumstances and his introduction of Opera Omnia Series II, Volume 12)
This is the second volume of a book enunciating for the first time the principles of hydrostatics. See the first volume, E110, for a general description of this book. In this volume, Euler looks at the rules and precepts for constructing and steering ships. In chapter 4, given an arbitrary floating body in various modes of oscillation, he calculates the length of an equivalent pendulum. This technique has become a part of modern hydrostatics. More specifically, he considers


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