E74 -- De variis modis circuli quadraturam numeris proxime exprimendi

(On various methods for expressing the quadrature of a circle with verging numbers)


In this paper, adjacent to E72, Euler studies methods for approximating \(\pi\). He presents various clever ways to decompose \(\tan^{-1} 1 = \pi/4\) as the sum of terms of the form \(\tan^{-1}(1/p)\), then suggests using Leibniz' series to get a good approximation for \(\pi\). He also introduces a way to calculate the number of terms necessary to produce an approximation accurate to a given number of decimals. He closes the paper with the "not inelegant" theorem that \(\frac{\sin x}{x} = \cos(x/2)\cos(x/4)\cos(x/8)\cos(x/16)\ldots\).

According to the records, it was presented to the St. Petersburg Academy on February 20, 1738.

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