E68 -- Fortgesetzte Beantwortung der Fragen über die Beschaffenheit, Bewegung und Würckung der Cometen.

(Further answers to various questions about the condition, motion, and effects of comets)

(based on Eric J. Aiton's introduction (written in English) to Opera Omnia Series 2, Volume 31)
This paper is a continuation of E67. Euler gives credit to Kepler for the basic idea of the theory that Euler adopts. He says that the apparent zig-zag path that some comets seem to follow towards the end of their visibility is not the result of an irregularity in the real orbit of the comets; rather, it is the result of the motion of the earth. In addition, Euler resolves some questions related to: He says that in order to resolve many questions dealing with orbits (for example, the reason why the small force of the sun's gravity at aphelion can bring a comet back), one should study mathematics. Among the other things that Euler includes in this paper are:


It contains 19 chapters with long titles.

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