E16 -- Mechanica, volume 2

(Mechanics, volume 2)

Originally published with the full title: Mechanica sive motus scientia analytice exposita auctore Leonhardo Eulero academiae imper. scientiarum membro et matheseos sublimioris professore. Tomus II. Instar supplementi ad commentar. acad. scient. imper. Petropoli ex typographia academiae scientarum.

(based on C. Truesdell's An idiot's fugitive essays on science: methods, criticisms, training, circumstances)
This is the second volume of Euler's work on mechanics. See the first volume, E15, for a description of this book. In this volume, Euler considers motion of a point-mass lying on a given curve or surface. He derives some differential equations of the geodesics governing the problem of free motion on a surface. In this way, he shows that the path of a mass-point that is free to move on a fixed surface is locally the shortest possible path between its initial and final points.

In addition to the “Praefatio,” it contains 4 chapters:
  1. De motu non libero in genere.
  2. De motu puncti super data linea in vacuo.
  3. De motu puncti super data linea in medio resistente.
  4. De motu puncti super data superficie.
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