Euler's Correspondence with Joseph Jerome Lefrancois de Lalande

Lalande (1732-1807) was a French astronomer who served as Professor of Astronomy at the College de France from 1762-1795, a period encompassing the whole of Euler's second Saint Petersberg period. Early in his career, Lalande worked with Lacaille to take observations on the paralax of the moon, the two of them working from Berlin and South Africa, respectively.

Lalande devoted a large part of his working life to preparing a catalog of 47,000 stars, which he published in 1801. He was also a great popularizer of astronomy. It was Lalande who wrote all of the astronomy articles in the great Encyclopedie.
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Publication Information: List of all known correspondence (15 letters total):
OO1389 Lalande to Euler 31 December, 1752
OO1390 Lalande to Euler 02 March, 1753
OO1391 Lalande to Euler 22 November, 1753
OO1392 Lalande to Euler 10 August, 1754
OO1393 Lalande to Euler 27 June, 1755
OO1394 Lalande to Euler 07 May, 1760
OO1395 Lalande to Euler 26 June, 1760
OO1396 Lalande to Euler 01 January, 1761
OO1397 Lalande to Euler 23 March, 1761
OO1398 Lalande to Euler 27 May, 1762
OO1399 Lalande to Euler 18 July, 1763
OO1400 Lalande to Euler 16 January, 1764
OO1401 Lalande to Euler 12 September, 1764
OO1402 Lalande to Euler 26 May, 1767
OO1403 Lalande to Euler 17 February, 1768
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OO ,
OO ,
OO ,
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