Euler's Correspondence with Pierre Bouguer

In 1713, at the age of 15, Bouguer was appointed to succeed his father as professor of hydrography at Croisic in Brittany. He quickly established himself as a exceptional and respected scientist in the fields of hydrography, navigaiton, and optics. He later was offered membership in the Academy of Sciences, taking Maupertuis' position when Maupertuis joined Frederick II's court in Berlin.

Bouguer is perhaps best remembered for traveling to Peru with de La Condamine on an expedition, organized by the Académie Royale des Sciences, to measure the length of a degree of meridian at the equator. Bouguer would spend ten years of his life on this task, being away from Europe from 1735 to 1745.
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Publication Information: List of all known correspondence (18 letters total):
OO313 Bouguer to Euler 20 March, 1751
OO314 Bouguer to Euler 04 May, 1751
OO315 Bouguer to Euler 30 May, 1751
OO316 Bouguer to Euler 09 October, 1751
OO317 Bouguer to Euler 02 April, 1752
OO318 Bouguer to Euler 14 July, 1752
OO319 Bouguer to Euler 23 November, 1752
OO320 Bouguer to Euler 03 February, 1753
OO321 Bouguer to Euler 08 February, 1753
OO322 Bouguer to Euler 28 September, 1753
OO323 Bouguer to Euler 08 April, 1754
OO324 Bouguer to Euler 02 May, 1754
OO325 Bouguer to Euler 11 July, 1754
OO326 Bouguer to Euler 14 November, 1754
OO327 Bouguer to Euler 01 May, 1755
OO328 Euler to Bouger 07 June, 1755
OO329 Bouguer to Euler 27 September, 1755
OO330 Bouguer to Euler 18 May, 1756

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